Drink Driving in Ireland

Any alcohol impairs driving and increases the risk of a collision. This is not an opinion it’s a scientific fact.

Research shows that alcohol is a factor in 38% of fatal crashes, yet Irish people continue to drink and drive. An average of 180 drivers are being arrested per week in 2017 on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The aim of the Road Safety Authority is to save lives and prevent injuries by reducing the number and severity of collisions on Irish roads. As such, the RSA is calling on you to support the passing of the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2017.

The Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2017 proposes a change to the penalties for drivers who are caught drink driving at blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels between 50-80mg.

Under the proposed legislation, drink driving offences committed at BAC levels between 50mg and 80mg will incur an automatic disqualification of 3 months instead of the current penalty of a €200 fine and 3 penalty points.

This is necessary to change the behaviour of the small group of people who continue to drink and drive.

Show and Share your Support

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Drink Driving in Ireland – Watch Video